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The World’s First 1-to-21 DVD Copy Controller for Data Backup

Taipei, Taiwan – May 26, 2006 –ACARD, the SCSI/IDE, RAID and storage solutions provider, today launched ARS-2033N RISC-based Copy Controller, a 1-to-21 DVD copy controller that shows messages via LCD.
The valuable ARS-2033N has the following features:
  • Standalone IDE to IDE copy controller
  • Independent IDE channel quickens data transfer
  • SATA technology for connecting lots of copy controllers
  • Self-test upon powering on indicates the status of the device
  • Supports a 3.5” hard drive for data storage and immediate backup
  • User-friendly interface without extra training and installation of software
  • Updates firmware through an optical drive device
  • Supports up to16X of recording

    All these features guarantee precise and quick backup. There is no other copy controller can compete with ARS-2033N on the market.
    ARS-2033N is excellent in copying data, audio or video CD/DVD. It is fit for SOHO and corporations to do a small amount of recording for their customers. Besides ease of use, this RISC-based copy controller is fine in mechanical design, choice of functions, and LCD indication as well. Once you use it, you must feel it cost-effective. ARS-2033N supports those brands of DVD writers such as NEC, Pioneer, SONY, Lite-On, BenQ, etc. Because of the compatibility, it is highly reliable in data backup and greatly smooth in operation.

    ARS-2033N RISC-based Copy Controller is exactly a valuable product of technology. Besides using ARS-2033N independently, if you have purchased ACARD’s AEC-4420P USB link, you can connect it to the computer, to ARS-2033N, and to one of the DVD writers that are connected with ARS-2033N. Thus, ARS-2033N will become an external writer for the computer. When the hardware is used together with ACARD’s recording software, Ha! DVD Burner, the combination will be the best solution. That is indispensable in modern document management.

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