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Data Duplicator
What software can I use to burn the copy controller’s firmware into a CD?
After downloading the firmware, you can use Ha! DVD Burner or Nero or Creator to burn but must choose the ISO format.
How to connect ARS-2021D/2030LD/2032D/2034D to PC?
You can press [ESC] for two seconds, and go to 12. Advanced setup. Choose the Link-Host function and press [ENT]. Then, power off, connect the SCSI cable to PC, and power on again.
How do I know the compatibility of CD-R/RW or DVD writer with ACARD’s CD/DVD duplicator?
You can get the compatibility list by visiting ACARD web site, or writing an email to
What is the biggest hard drive capacity supported by Copy Smart Plus?
Copy Smart support up to 224 partitions.
Firmware support Big Drive 48bit LBA technology.
You can use capacity exceed 128GB HDD.

I used ARS-2032D to work with a Toshiba DVD-ROM and 7 Pioneer A05 DVD-Rs, but why did the duplicator sometimes fail?
The failure may be caused by reading or writing.
[Reading issue]
a. Load the contents of DVD into the hard drive and burn.
b. If the reading of DVD has a trouble, all writers will stop burning. If some writers continue burning, that is through DVD-R media.
c. Enable the “Read Error Skip” function to skip errors.

[Writing issue]
a. Use the original Pioneer DVD-R to test.
b. Lower the writing speed. You are recommended to use “12. Adv SetupBurn-inTest” to test the system.
How to use ARS-2032 together with six identical 48X CD-R/RWs and one different 52X model?
You must change to the same firmware. A duplicator only supports writers of the same model.
Does 2021D support CD+G by using 48X Plextor (PX-W4824TA/BP/K)?
Yes, it does.
Enable CD+G at 12. Adv Setup
*Configuration 1:
Source: Other brand of CD-ROM
Writer: Plextor CD-R/RW
Please select Plextor as the source, because only Plextor can read the data of CD+G. Then, load the CD+G disk into the hard drive, save as an image file, and burn to CD-R.
*Configuration 2:
Source: Plextor CD-R/RW
Writer: Plextor CD-R/RW
You may copy CD+G disk by On-The-Fly, but the maximum writing speed is only 8X.
Is there a way to set the settings of a copy controller back to defaults?
Yes, there is. Press ESC for 2 seconds to enter “12. Adv Setup”, and choose “Load Default” to restore.
I got a read error with ARS-2021D. Is there any solution? And how to get to “12. Adv Setup”?
Read error is caused by the compatibility of DVD-ROM and the disc. Use ASUS E616P2 or Pioneer DVD-ROM to examine. To get to “12. Adv Setup” you can press ESC for 2 seconds.
I have a 1-to-1 DVD copy controller, but recently it showed the message:Disk Fail. It couldn’t work in spite of my trying different discs. What should I do?
Follow the 2 steps below to solve the problem:
1. Use “8. Select Source” to set the source drive to writer. Put a blank disc and use “7. Disc Info” to examine. If an error message shows, update the writer’s firmware or get a disc of different brand.
2. Use “11.3 DVD Burn Speed” to lower the burning speed and test again.
How to update the firmware of a copy controller after downloading it?
Follow the 4 steps below to update:
1. Burn 1.xxx_cd.bin to CD-R/RW disc using Ha! DVD Burner or Nero.
2. Put the disc into CD/DVD-ROM after using “8. Select Source” to set the source drive to CD/DVD-ROM.
3. Press ESC for 2 seconds to enter “12. Adv Setup”, and choose “Update Firmware”.
4. Press ENT to update after confirming Yes, and wait the system to reboot.

I can copy 7 DVDs at the speed of 16X with ARS-2033. How about the copying of a long movie into a general DVD?
If the capacity of the movie is over 4.7GB, you have to use a DL disc to copy. You are recommended to use DVD writers of the same brand and model to secure the best compatibility.
From ACARD Web site I know that ARS-2033P is compatible with many writers. Could you recommend the most frequently used one?
Those writers listed on the Web site can be used to burn at the speed of 8X to 16X, but each writer’s performance is different. Most of the copy controller users choose Pioneer 108 for the reasons of price and quality.
While I duplicated audio CDs with the copy controller, sometimes some of the tracks would get jumbled up, especially when there were a lot of tracks. I tried to burn with lower speed, but the problem was still existing. What should I do?
Try to burn the tracks on the source CD into the hard drive in PC as an image file, and then copy the file into the discs on the writers. In addition, you can use another DVD-ROM to test as well.
The second DVD writer on my 1-to-7 copy controller couldn’t work. I changed three writers of different brands, and even updated the firmware of all writers, but the problem was still there. What should I do?
You can connect the writer to the PC to test, or connect the writer to another IDE channel on the copy controller. If the problem still cannot be solved, send us the firmware versions and models of all IDE devices, as well as the firmware version of the copy controller to examine.
When I use the 1-to-7 CD Duplicator ARS-2032 to burn, I often get the error message: Source Drive F->Read disc error. In order not to waste CDs, I used “3. Test & Copy” recently, but when in the Copy phase the error still occurred. What is your suggestion?
You can do the following 4 things:
1. Connect CD-ROM to another IDE channel or change the IDE cable.
2. Use another CD-ROM to test again.
3. Enter “12. Adv Setup” and choose “Read Error Skip” to ignore.
4. Update the firmware of the duplicator.
I can copy CDs with a CD/DVD copy controller in the mode of 1-to-4, but cannot copy DVDs. What will you suggest me to do?
Test if each DVD writer can work well in the mode of 1-to-1, then 1-to-2, then 1-to-3, etc. Connect the problem writer to another IDE channel or the IDE port on the PC to test. If the copy controller is defective, send it to your local distributor for repair.
How to just copy 50% of a source DVD with an ACARD copy controller?
You need some software to extract or separate the data on the source DVD, and then copy into a blank DVD with the controller. If you press ESC halfway in the copying progress, the DVD won’t be read or played.

I connected a copy controller and a hard drive to AEC-4420P USB Link Host according to the manual, but my PC couldn’t identify the hard drive. What should I do?
Press ESC for 2 seconds, enter “12. Adv Setup”, and choose “Switch USB Mode”. Press ENT to see “USB L.H Mode” display on the LCD. Then click “My Computer” to see the hard drive.
Does ARS-2033P support CD writers and DVD writers at the same time?
Yes, it does. For example, LiteOn DVD writer 1633S ´ 2 + LiteOn CD writer 5238S ´ 5. Recommend to use writers of the same brand for compatibility and lower the burning speed for quality (take the writer that has the lowest speed as the standard).
I connected a hard drive and 4 DVD writers to ARS-2033P, and burned the data on a DVD-R into a certain partition of the hard drive as image file. Then, I burned the image file into a blank DVD-R and verified it fine. However, the source disc could be played well, but the copied disc couldn’t. Why?
Follow the 3 ways below to solve the problem:
1. Use the PowerDVD to play the copied disc. If it is all right, the copied disc has no problem.
2. Use “5. Compare” to confirm the data on the source disc and the copied disc is identical.
3. Change a disc of different brand to test.
I used a 1-to-7 copy controller to copy CDs, but one of the writers couldn’t work. What should I do?
Enter “11. Setup” and choose “Device Info” to examine the firmware of all seven writers. Perhaps it is not all the same. If so, connect the writer that couldn’t work to PC, and update its firmware.
I tried to copy CD+G (karaoke) discs with ARS-2030T, but it turned out to be audio instead of CD+G. Why?
First, you have to press ESC for 2 seconds to enter “12. Adv Setup” and choose “CD+G”. Then, examine your source drive’s model and firmware. Not all CD/DVD-ROM drives can read the format of CD+G. However, LiteOn series has no problem.
What kind of writers does ARS-2032/2032D support?
ARS-2032/2032D supports ASUS 5232AS, LiteOn 5238S, 39Splextor 5224TA, 5232TA (premium) and a few models of 52X CD-RW drive.
What kind of writers does ARS-2030D/2030LD support?
ARS-2030D/2030LD supports Pioneer series DVD writers.
I couldn’t copy CDs with ARS-2030T. What should I do?
Get another DVD-ROM to test the source CD. Maybe it’s the problem of DVD-ROM. Recommend using ASUS or Pioneer or LiteOn DVD-ROM.
How big a hard drive can be used with an ACARD copy controller?
ACARD copy controllers support Big Drive technology, so you can even use a hard drive of 400GB.
How to update the firmware?
Find Copy Smart product detail model name:
1. Use "11. Setup System Info" check current
2. Visit "Support Downloads" page.
3. Click the "Copy Smart Product List" link and
find controller detail model name.

Copy Smart Firmware Update Step:
1. Burn xxxx.bin(controller's firmware) to blank
CD-R/RW disc. (use Ha! DVD Burner, Nero or
2. Make sure source drive set to CD/DVD-ROM
already. (use "8. Select Source")
3. Put firmware disc to source CD/DVD-ROM drive.
4. Press and hold [ESC] key 2 seconds for advance
menu 12.
5. Select "Update Firmware" function.
6. Controller will searching firmware and ask you
[Y]es or [N]o.
7. Select [Y]es and press [ENT] to update
controller's firmware.
8. Waiting controller reboot.
Why do the firmware update?
To support compatibility of new model burners, it needs to do the firmware update.
"Copier F/W Fail"
Firmware lose or checksum error. Please try update firmware again. If controller can not enter to main menu, please send back to local distributor for RMA.
"Can not find target chip"
It is chipset failure or flash rom's data losed problem.  Please contact local distributor for RMA.
"Target Drive Not Ready"
Writer can not detect the blank media. You can try use different brand media or update drive's firmware and test again. If you have Windows system, please try connect writer to PC use Nero test drive's hardware is ok.
Fail:0X" or "NG:0X"
Writer and blank media compatible issue. You can set burn speed to lower or change another brand media and test again. If writer's firmware too old, please update to newest version for best media support.
"Source Drive Read Disc Error"
Source drive & disc quality issue. You can use ASUS/Pioneer DVD-ROM or update drive's firmware to latest version and confirm again.
If only few source discs have this issue. Please try enable "12. Adv Setup Read Error Skip" to ignore bad sectors.
"Source Drive Not Ready"
Source drive can not detect any media. Please make sure source drive set to CD/DVD-ROM already. (use "8. Select
Source") You can try use another DVD-ROM drive or different source disc to confirm again. If you have Windows system, recommend try connect DVD-ROM to PC test.
"Target overflow"
Source disc size greater than target media can not copy issue.
Please use "7. Disc Info" check source disc size is correctly.
1.If source drive show wrong disc size.
(Maximum: DVD+R:4482, DVD-R:4488).
Please give us the DVD-ROM / Writer's model
to debug.
Or try use double layer disc to burning.
2.If source disc is CD, please try enable
"12. Adv Setup Overburn" function and test
3.If you make sure source disc is double layer
type and not have any protection.
You can use DVD-R DL media to backup it.
"F-> "
Writing fails. Cause & solutions. 1. Disc compatibility issue. Lower burning speed or use another disc to test again. 2. Update the writer's firmware or connect to PC to test. 3. Maybe hardware problem.
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